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There are so many delicious items to choose from at Good Foods Grocery! We recently asked our employees what their favorite things in the store are, and they delivered! From supplements to fresh baked goods, frozen foods to local meats, we have tons of recommendations for you. Stop in the store and be on the lookout for the Staff Pick cards around each department.


Boiron Coffee Cruda (Supplements/Body Care)
“When I can’t seem to put the thoughts of the day down, I use this. As the remedy begins to work, my thoughts quiet and I’m able to drift off to sleep.”

Twin Oaks Tofu (Vegetarian)
“It has a nice crunch texture once baked but it’s easy to crumble for tofu salad and picks up whatever seasoning or marinade you add with it.”


Polyface Farms (Local Meat)
“Our great selection of fresh and frozen meats and poultry often make my mouth water, especially since grilling season is upon us. Our local farms are great.”

Siggi’s Yogurts (Dairy)
“In my home, my wife enjoys our selection of Siggi’s Yogurts and eats one just about everyday.”


Roasted Chicory Root (Bulk)
“Very helpful for flatulence.”

Shikai Borage Therapy Dry Skin Lotion (Body Care)
“I wash my hands continuously, so this is a great product for me.”


New Chapter’s Zyflamend (Supplements/Body Care)
“This is a great formula of 10 herbs for a whole-body response to inflammation. It also provides good pain relief.”

Solgar’s Stress and Anxiety Relief (Supplements/Body Care)
“This contains ashwagandha and saffron to help relieve anxiety and help maintain a positive mood.”


Ancient Organics Ghee (Supplements/Body Care)
“Hands down the best ghee on the market. Using traditional Ayurveda methods and the highest quality pastured butter, the flavor is unparalleled. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked!”

Green Pastures Cod Liver Butter Blend (Supplements/Body Care)
“A nutrient dense supplement that is a 100% natural source of vitamins A, D and omega fatty acids. The cinnamon flavored cod liver and butter oil is my favorite supplement in the store.”

Vital Flora Probiotics (Supplements/Body Care)
“With more diversity than any other brand on the market, Vital Flora Probiotics are like a multivitamin for your gut.”


Pimento Cheese (Deli)
“Absolutely delicious, with a perfect blend of cheese and spices. I love it on our nut thin crackers and it’s a great as a sandwich spread too!”


Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning (Grocery)
“It’s very flavorful and has just the right kick.”

Avocado Chicken Salad (Deli)
“The avocado and chicken combo is amazing. The avocados good for you and the made-from-scratch mayonnaise makes it much better.”


Bulk Coffee (Bulk)
“I like to have a few options at home so I can decide what I’m having when waking up. It’s fun to switch it up!”


Chocolove Toffee & Almonds in Milk Chocolate (Grocery)
“This chocolate bar is full of chunky bites of toffee & almonds & is so smooth & rich”

Montana Gold Bread Co – Hearty White (Fresh Baked Goods)
“This bread has a faint sweetness that pairs well with savory toppings.”

Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches – Chocolate Blackout (Frozen)
“Thick, chunky brownies and a ribbon of frosting in the ice cream satisfy my sweet tooth.”

REBBL Chocolate Protein (Beverages)
“I love this drink for days when breakfast needs to be on the go, or for a quick between meals pick me up. No chalky aftertaste from the protein powder.”

Veggie Tuna Salad (Deli)
“This makes a great tuna salad sandwich or melt. Love the extra crunch added from the veggies”


White Oak Meadows Farm (Local Meat)
“I appreciate the fact that the animals live as they were designed to live giving us healthy, grass-fed/pastured meat.”


Applegate Naturals Chicken & Sage Breakfast Sausage (Frozen)
“My favorite breakfast item. I love to use it in omelettes!”

Alexia Potato Puffs with Roasted Garlic & Cracked Pepper (Frozen)
“These are delicious and versatile. The hint of sour cream and chives gives them a great flavor.”


Grady’s New Orleans Style Coffee (Beverages)
“I like that it’s dark, flavorful, and ready to go.”


Organic Raisins (Bulk)
“These make a great quick snack food.”

Uncle Matt’s Organic Orange Juice (Fridge)
“It tastes awesome. I love it with pulp.”


GT’s Synergy Kombucha – Trilogy (Fridge)
“I love this brand because it tastes great, makes my tummy happy, and has no added sugars!”

Polyface Hot Italian Sausage (Local Meat)
“The best possible HOT Italian sausage. I can fearlessly make dishes for my Italian husband. It makes our sauce epic!”


Nightingale Ice Cream Sandwiches – Cookie Monster (Frozen)
“This is my favorite ice cream! These ice cream sandwiches are the best you will find and they’re made with real ingredients.”

Papa Weaver’s Breakfast Sausage Links (Local Meat)
“I like cooking these for breakfast on my days off. It tastes great and it’s local!”


Chocolate Mousse (Daily Jars)
“Oh my gosh, out of this world!”

Chicken Salad with Kale, Blueberries and Coconut (Daily Jars)
“It has the right amount of all its ingredients and has just the right amount of crunch.”


Ssssting Stop (Supplements/Body Care)
“I use this for bee stings! A small dab on the site stops the pain in a moment and it never swells.”


Seaweed Bath Co.’s Matcha & Vitamin C Body Cream (Supplements/Body Care)
“One of my favorite lotions! A little goes a long way with this stuff and it absorbs nicely into the skin!”

Spero’s Strawberry Sunflower Cream Cheese (Fridge)
“I love this stuff, it goes really well with our GFG plain bagels or english muffins! Great for a little afternoon snack.”


Acai Berry Powder (Bulk) and Wyman’s Blueberries (Frozen)
“They’re nutrient-dense, offer a lot of clarity to my day and fill me with joy!”

BrocElite (Supplements)
“I swear by this because of its powerful cognitive benefits.”


Blackbird Margherita Pizza (Frozen)
“This is hands down the best crust I’ve ever had out of a frozen pizza box. It’s hard to tell by the super meaty cheese that this pizza is completely vegan.”

Le Grand Garden Pesto (Fridge)
“I love this pesto for its versatility and because it is dairy-free which can be hard to find.”


Tarragon Chicken (Deli)
“I think I’m addicted!”

Borin’s Arnica (Supplements/Body Care)
“Great for bumps and bruises.”

Oscillococcinum (Supplements/Body Care)
“The best thing for leg cramps at night.”


Lemon Bars (Fresh Baked Goods)
“My favorite thing to make because it’s super lemony and refreshing.”

Spanakopita (Deli)
“I love this because it has plenty of cheese and spinach. It’s healthy and made in our kitchen.”


Supreme Stress B (Supplements/Body Care)
“I’ve used this for years and I love it.”

Amy T.

Chicken Frittata (Deli)
“I never liked frittatas before I started working here. Ours is very flavorful.”

Country Chicken Salad (Deli)
“It reminds me of my grandma’s.”


Cadia Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels (Grocery)
“One of the best chocolate pretzels I’ve ever had. A filling snack that’s the perfect combo of sweet and savory.”

Love Corn (Grocery)
“One of my favorite snacks from when I was little! I’d always buy them here every visit, and it’s still the perfect sized snack I remember.”


Pesto Pasta Salad (Deli)
“I love this summertime pasta. It’s perfect for summer and it’s very delicious.”

Red Potato Salad (Deli)
“It’s just that delicious. Plus it’s made from scratch!”


Mangosteen Smoothie (Deli)
“It’s refreshing and the hint of lime is great for a hot summer day.”

Veggie Tuna Salad (Deli)
“I like this tuna because all the veggies give it a great flavor and it’s made with our made-from-scratch mayonnaise.”


Epic Jerky – Wagyu Beef (Grocery)
“I love that they pair each meat with delicious fruits and seasonings.”

Country Chicken Salad (Deli)
“Sometimes the simple things in life are the best, like this chicken salad. Simple, elegant and delicious!”


Lemon Bars (Fresh Baked Goods)
“It’s the right consistency of sweet and tangy. Plus they’re made from scratch!”

Turkey Swiss Wrap (Deli)
“It’s a classic twisted wrap.”

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