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Cognition: Nutrients protect brain, support cognitive health

Omega-3s and air pollution Earlier studies found omega-3s reduced brain damage due to lead and mercury, but there are no studies on omega-3s and air pollution. Fine particle matter, 2.5 microns in size—30 times smaller than the width of a hair—can directly enter the bloodstream through the respiratory tract, damaging body systems including the brain.Continue reading “Cognition: Nutrients protect brain, support cognitive health”

January 2021

Healthy Insight: Honey for Lungs

Over-prescribing antibiotics has increased drug-resistant microbial infections. In this study, doctors reviewed 14 placebo-controlled upper respiratory tract trials, nine involving children only, and all using honey as a treatment along with standard care or placebo. Honey improved cough frequency in eight studies, and cough severity in five studies, compared to usual care; improved combined symptomContinue reading “Healthy Insight: Honey for Lungs”

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