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Bravazzi Hard Italian Soda

Canon & Draw Brewing Company

Center of the Universe Brewing Co.

Commonwealth Brewing Company

EinStok Beer Company

NEW Icelandic Toasted Porter

Hardywood Park Brewing Company

Fresh CAN

Jack’s Hard Cider

Kindred Spirit

Legend Brewing Company

Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery

Michelob Ultra Organic

Midnight Brewery

New Planet Gluten-Free Beer

Blonde Ale

Parkway Brewing Company

Peak Organic Beer

Port City Brewing

Steam Bell Beer Works

Starr Hill


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Currently, our wines are sourced from Bluestone Vineyard, Harlow Ridge Farm, Le Storie Wines and Republic National Distributing Company, all Virginia based companies.

Biodynamic Wines:

Biodynamic wines contain no chemicals and additives throughout the winemaking process. As grapes grow, they are free of any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and chemicals. When grapes are harvested and made into wine, they too are free of any GMOs and sulfites. Biodynamic wines differ from organic wines in that they take the entire ecosystem into consideration as grapes are grown. To be certified under either of the two biodynamic wine certifications – Demeter and Biodyvin – vineyards must maintain exceptional soil health and vintners must time their planting schedules with lunar cycles to ensure the best agricultural health.

Sustainable Wines:

Sustainable wines aim to have a winemaking process that protects the environment, supports social responsibility, maintains economic feasibility, and produces high quality wines. As grapes are grown, harvested, and made into wine, a multitude of environmental factors are prioritized. This includes everything from maintaining biodiversity on vineyards to ensure soil health, to implementing recycling measures that conserve water as grapes are growing, to utilizing renewable energy technology like solar, as wine is being produced. When you grab a bottle of wine that’s sustainable, you know that your wine was made with the environment, social responsibility, economic viability, and high quality in mind.

Chateau Moulinat Bordeaux

Mary Taylor Agenais Rose

Mary Taylor Anjou Blanc

Scarzello Barolo

Working Organic Wines:

Many vineyards use organic practices on their grapevines but do not want to incur the cost of getting an organic certification. To become a certified organic vineyard can be very expensive. Working organic vineyards produce high quality wines that are just as good as certified organic wines without the extra cost of a certification.

Dirupi Ole Valtelina Rosso

Certified Organic Wines:

Certified organic wines do not at any point during the winemaking process contain – synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals. When grapes begin growing in the vineyard, these agents are absent. As grapes are grown, harvested, and made into wine, any additives are also organically grown, free of any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and sulfites, preservatives with antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Organic certification is complex and varies across borders. At its core, the organic program is about the protection of natural resources, to promote biodiversity and limit the use of synthetic products, especially in the vineyards.

L’Erta di Radda Chianti Classico

Naturalis Organic Cabernet Sauvignon

Naturalis Organic Chardonnay

Naturalis Organic Sauvignon Blanc

La Staffa Rosato L’Aurora

Villa Papiana Papeese

Grazing-Based Viticulture Wines:

This is not organic. This is not biodynamic. Organic and biodynamic practices are positive steps, but Grazing-Based Viticulture sets a higher bar. Grazing-Based Viticulture was first conceived and implemented at Antiquum Farm in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. Repeatedly rotating animals like chickens, sheep, geese, quail, pigs, and ducks throughout the vineyards creates an ecosystem that does not require fertilizers, compost, or foliar feeds. This truly isolates the vineyard site, conserves resources, and creates wines of individualistic spirit and truthful terroir.

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