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for the 65+ and the
immune compromised.

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3062 Stony Point Rd
Stony Point Shopping Center at Huguenot Rd and Forest Hill Ave

It is with great sadness that I found out that jazz icon Ellis Marsalis died of the Coronavirus on April 1. In the early 80s Ellis and Delores, his wife, were customers of my first natural food store in my native New Orleans. He taught jazz only a few blocks away. What wonderful people. What a great teacher. What a rich and musically expressive family. We touched base several times when he moved to Richmond to teach at VCU in 1986. Angie and I would sit outside the store and chat with Ellis, Delores, and their son Mboya. He and Angie would have quite the friendly banter, and she loved that he called her Wiggins. Ellis will be sorely missed and loved forever by so many. -Donnie Caffery
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Our store is open its regular hours
for you to come shopping.

If you do not wish to come shopping, we offer a Pickup Service that involves a procedure. Orders received after 4pm will be processed the next business day.

Click here to download form.

Pickup details on form.

Click here to download instructions on how to fill out, save, and email the form.

On line ordering process:
1) Download the form, fill it out, save it, and email it to us.
We will fill out these requests in the order they are received.
If filling out the form proves to be a challenge, please email us at pickup@goodfoodsgrocery.com with your information.
2) If you have questions please call our dedicated GFG Pickup Phone Line at 804-801-6272. It is a cell phone, so feel free to text. Please do not text an order, only questions.
3) Once the order is submitted, we cannot accept add-ons. Just place another order.
4) Orders received after 4pm will be processed the next business day.
5) As we pick the order, we need to be able to contact you to answer questions.
We cannot fill your water bottles or honey jars. You must come into the store to do that.
6) We wrap up your order and email you an invoice to be paid on a secure web site.
7) After you pay your invoice, please feel free to come pick up your order.
8) When you park your car in the parking lot and pop your trunk, call/text us at 804-801-6272 and we will bring out your order.
We really do appreciate your support of Good Foods Grocery and will do our best to serve you.
Donnie Caffery, Owner


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Thank you all for your support of Good Foods Grocery,
your hometown natural food store.
I am blessed with a great staff that is serving you so well.

Our in stock status is getting better every week. I would say we look pretty good,
especially compared to the supermarkets I have visited.

Also, thank you all for supporting the hygiene protocols
that we are going through these days.
We can feel good about it. It is making a difference.
May God Bless you, your family and friends, and the health of us all.

Sincerely, Donnie Caffery, Owner

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Mission Statement

The Mission of Good Foods Grocery is to honor God by supporting our customers at their different levels of nutritional maturity, by providing exceptional and memorable customer service, and by selling products that are as natural, wholesome, and uplifting to nutritional well-being as possible.

Mission Statement

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