Thanksgiving Turkey Pre-Orders

Meet the Local Farms

Shirefolk Farms

Shirefolk Farms is a family-owned and operated farm located in Palmyra, Virginia.  They work hard to bring you Certified Naturally Grown produce without pesticides, herbicides, or harmful, unsustainable inputs. Their turkeys are delivered to GFG fresh.

Polyface Farm

Polyface Farm is a family farm in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Much loved and always in demand, their birds are truly pasture raised and you can see and taste the difference. Their turkeys are delivered to GFG frozen.

Koch’s Turkey

Koch’s Turkeys is a third generation family-owned farm located in Tamaqua, PA. Koch prides itself on raising its turkeys on a vegetarian diet and without antibiotics. Their turkey breasts are delivered to GFG fresh.

Garrett Valley Farms

Garrett Valley Farms is a family-owned, family-operated company dedicated to crafting the finest all-natural and organic meats. Their hams are humanely raised and fed an all-vegetarian diet. It’s smoked over the finest hardwood and seasoned with sugar and honey!

Spring Creek Meadows Organic Farms Turkey from Farmville VA

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