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It’s the first department you enter as you come in the store, and for good reason: our produce is delicious, nutritious, and ripe for the picking! We recently spoke with our Produce Manager, Mark to get the inside scoop on what makes our produce section so unique.

“Our produce section carries a large variety of certified organic produce,” says Mark. “We also have relationships with many local farmers and are able to provide seasonal local produce.” Look around the department and you’ll spot our new scannable QR codes — scan them with your smartphone to learn more about our local vendors.

With the expansion of our store, our inventory has grown. “Some of our new additions include celery root, radicchio, horseradish root, burdock root, dandelion greens and rutabegas, just to name a few,” says Mark.

What’s In Season?

This time of year is always fun for Good Foods Grocery! “We start to see our fresh herb plants coming in from several local vendors, as well as flowers for planting, hanging baskets and fruit trees from Virginia Berry Farm.” Plenty of fruits and veggies will also be coming into season. “We should start seeing local strawberries,  blackberries and blueberries coming in the next few months. Many local offerings will be arriving soon, including tomatoes, cucumbers, peaches, watermelons, nectarines and many more. Stay tuned!”

When asked his current favorite offering, Mark replied, “Asparagus! This is peak season and it has been fantastic!”

Stop into GFG today and explore our produce section. Mark or one of our other employees will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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