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1) Buy Healthy Products
2) Collect Points
3) Redeem Your Points For Rewards
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250 Point Level     500 Point Level     1000 Point Level     2000 Point Level
All Reward Levels


Advantage Card Rewards Good Foods Grocery is pleased to offer Advantage Card participants some exciting rewards. We are proud to partner with many fine community businesses and organizations, in addition to companies that sell their products in our stores, to help contribute to your overall health and well-being. We hope that you will take advantage of these offers and frequent these businesses in the future as well. As always, we thank you for supporting your locally owned Good Foods Grocery.

To Get A Reward:

1) Check Your Point Level.
You can find your redeemable points on the bottom of your Good Foods Grocery receipt, or send an inquiry to questions@goodfoodsgrocery.com and we will email back your current point total in a few days.

2) Cruise the Rewards.

250 Point Level   500 Point Level   1000 Point Level   2000 Point Level
All Reward Levels

Pick a reward that is appropriate for your point level. If you have enough points for several rewards, please submit them one at a time.

3) Choose a Reward by Clicking on the Reward Number.
This will take you to the On-Line Reward Claim Form. Please fill out the rest of the form and hit the Submit button.

4) Your Reward Certificate Will Arrive in the Mail Within a Couple of Weeks.
For your protection, we do not email or fax gift certificates. Under Special Requests, you can ask for the certificate to be left at the store for you. Please tell us which store.

A Couple of Important Notes!

  • The point level on your receipt is updated by the 5th of every month and reflects your net point total through the previous month. The net point total is simply your total points less received rewards.

  • The maximum number of Net Points is 8,000.

  • You are limited to one of the same reward within the calendar year. Any exceptions are noted on the reward.

  • Accounts are deleted after two years of inactivity.

  • Do not call any businesses to claim a reward.

  • Do not make an appointment for any services until you have received your Reward Certificate from us.

  • Your Reward Claim Form cannot be processed in our stores.

  • A reward offered on this web site at the time of your submission for a reward will be honored. Rewards are added, deleted, and chaged often. We apologize in advance for the frustration it will cause you when a reward, that you had your eye on, is changed.

We will make every attempt to process your request in as timely a manner as possible, but please remember it may take up to two weeks so please PLAN AHEAD!

250 Point Level     500 Point Level     1000 Point Level     2000 Point Level
All Reward Levels

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